Details of the Project

Culture and tourism designed as a mixed-use project for social purposes, in Sivas Castle Project, accommodation and day facilities, health facilities (bath, pool, spa), Ottoman bazaar and covered bazaar where traditional handicrafts are produced and sold,Coffee houses from the traditional culture of Sivas, art and culture house-museums, local cuisine, culinary arts center and regional food restaurant, music workshops, library, orchards, field of view terraces and archeopark areas are given.The people of Sivas and the visiting tourists will learn the rich culture of Sivas by living in the Project.

Mountain slopes of the project, the historical culture of the city center and the whole of the traditional city is thought to be a stage of the future of life and integrity. It has been considered as a goal to provide the functions of civilized and religious architectural examples that have been worn out and have been used within the urban texture with the functions appropriate to their potentials.

A city forms its character with the values on which it rises. In this sense, Kaleardı District, which has an important place in the certain period of Sivas city history but lost its importance and quality in the present day is kept alive as  historical identity center perceived in the old city history  with its traditional handicrafts, baths, traditional food and music culture that reflects the traditional architecture of Sivas. The influence of the Castle in the city will be strengthened both culturally and visually.

The Sivas Kale project is planned to be complementary in an integrated concept with many projects carried out by the historical sites of Sivas and the institutions of it .Today, the reconstruction of Sivas traditional district texture, which was lost in the Kale region, the integration of this neighborhood with the historical places, the people of Sivas and the tourists visiting the city is intended to realize the beauty and art values of the surrounding area is aimed.

Tourists will be able to find all of Sivas’s specific culture within the Project and it will be a place to be sought for tourists with its historical places.

All of the buildings in the whole project are designed with the traditional architecture of Sivas, where stone and wood meet, mainly in one and two floors, some in three floors when the distribution of these buildings according to building technologies is examined, 19 of them are designed as stone, 13 as stone + wooden carcass and 67 as wooden.There are 79 accommodation houses in the Project Area, socio-cultural facilities consisting of 11 types-19 buildings, and 4 buildings of Culture and Art house-Museum and 98 in total.


  • 79 Day Trips and Long Term Accommodations
    (Boutique hotel and short long term rental etc.),
  • 2 pieces of Regional Culinary Arts Center (120 persons)
  • 1 Restaurant for Local Meals (75 persons),
  • 3 coffee houses (30-20 persons),
  • 2 Health Centers SPA-Hammam,
  • 1 Library,
  • 1 Music Workshop,
  • 4 Art House and Culture Museums,
  • 3 Ottoman bazaar and 1 Covered bazaar with handicraft production and sales locations,
  • 2 archeopark areas,
  • In the area where the Gök Madrasahh is located, there are terraces.