Location of the Project

The central area of the project where the project area is located, is located in the northwest of the district province. The western boundary of the district is Yıldızeli, the southern boundary is Ulas and Altınyayla districts, and the eastern border is Hafik and Tokat Province. The neighborhood on the Ankara-Sivas State Highway has no transportation problems. The district center has an area of 3.362 km2. Ulas and Hafik districtare 37 km away, Yıldızeli Neighborhood is 45 km away and Tokat Province is 207 km away.

The Project Area, designed to reflect the traditional architecture and district culture of Sivas is located in the central district of Sivas, in the middle of the historical wealth. In the north, historical City Square, Şifahiye Madrasahh, Sivas Congress Building, Buruciye Madrasah, Ulu Camii, Kale Mosque, Sivas Double Minaret Madrasah, Izzettin Keykavus Tomb, Numune Hospital, Governor’s Office,City Hall, PTT, State Hospital, in the north east Kurşunlu Bathhouse, Behrampaşa Han and İnönü Mansion, in the east Gök Madrasah, Pulur Mosque, Ahi Emir Tomb, Üçbey Serçeli Mosque, in the south Tüdemsaş DDY Factory, Bus Station, Wholesalers Site, Cumhuriyet University Campus, in the southeast Industrial Zone, Security Directorate, Commander of the Gendarmerie, in the west SSK Hospital, DDY Hospital, 4 September Stadium, in the southwest the Vegetable Market are located.

Sivas Province is the junction point of important roads from north to south and east to west. Sivas, at the east-west and north-south railway lines intersaction has an important position in the railway transportation of Europe-Iran-Caucasus and the Middle East. The project is located the area of Sivas Province where everyone can reach it easily.