Sustainability Of The Project

In order to maintain something, it is necessary to protect and value that thing.

Sivas Castle Project is an important project at this point.

On the one hand, this project ensures the protection of culture, tourism, environment, social and economic values in integrity and the use of correct ways and resources on the other hand, it considers the social benefit. It is designed to be a mixed tourism enterprise that addresses directly to human and service production and where everyone can find something with its own functions.

Considering that people who participate in cultural tourism make cultural trips in order to see the culturally rich regions, to understand the ways of life that disappear, and to preserve the cultural values as a memory, the Sivas Castle Project has an advantageous position in terms of the urban and tourism infrastructure required for the success of the type of tourism offered.

Besides the Sivas Kale Project is intertwined with historical and cultural values, it is a sustainable project as a point of attraction that will attract people’s attention and be preferred with the design of the buildings planned in the project area with old traditional architecture,“Ottoman bazaar” and “covered bazaar” in which Sivas’s traditional handicrafts are exhibited, regional culinary arts centers, designed as a center that brings together the education, practice and customer, where the food culture of Sivas is taught as practical, the tastes that have been forgotten are transferred to the next generations, musical workshop where guests can learn the rich musical culture while watching the construction of musical instruments and long and short stays in accommodation.