Why Sivas Castle Project

Sivas is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia and played a major role in Turkey’s modern organizations and attracts historical art enthusiasts’ attention with its historical places and architectural structures. The tomb, the cupola and the church which is spreadover Sivas and its environs, has the feature of being an important religious point for tourism with the graves of people who are important for Christians and Muslims. Fish-abundant springs serves to tourists who come to find their health from all four corners of the world with their hot and cold springs. Sivas is an important source of cultural and historical heritage that carries the cultural memory of Anatolia with Pir Sultan Abdal, Aşık Veysel and Âşık Ruhsati, as well as crafts such as silver, copper, wood carving and knife.

The missing part of the historical and cultural texture of Sivas will be completed with the fact that the traditional architecture, which is an important deficiency in the historical and cultural heritage of Sivas, has come to life in the Kale Project. With the transformation of the Kaleardı Neighborhood, the negativities of modern city life will be remedied, re-enacted, the resources of the system of spiritual values will be preserved, the beauty of the art values will be realized, the places where the people of the region will be established, the cultural communities will be created and the architectural-nature-human integrity will be ensured. Sivas Kale Project is a living monument that can contribute to the recognition of Sivas.

It is seen that the travels made in order to recognize the subcultures such as research, exploration and religious travel, local architecture and original features, libraries, local cuisine, festivals and fairs, theater and cinema, local music, dance and to see old art works, historical buildings, museums, ancient civilizations and their remains,  have increased in parallel with the changes in the preferences of the tourists.

In terms of the potential of cultural tourism, due to the his geographical positions, the Kale Project, which is intertwined with the historical and cultural richness of Sivas, which has hosted the oldest civilizations of the world, the architecture that reflects the traditional houses of Sivas, the traditional bazaar such as Ottoman bazaar and covered bazaar, health facilities-baths, restaurants, coffeehouses, archaeological parks, all functions of the Sivas culture with all dimensions, can be an attraction center of cultural tourism and diversity for all domestic and foreign tourists. Given this feature and diversity, the Kale Project is a project that can contribute significantly to the development of Sivas’s culture and tourism.

  1. As the old city history, which has become a part of Sivas’s urban cultural heritage but could not be repaired due to its stay in the site, and which has become the area of ruin today and the lost of importance and quality of Kaleardı Quarter, will reflect the lost urban texture and traditional architecture of Sivas. having a social content project that can bring to the city as a re-habitable area in the form of identity center,
  2. The Project Area is a project that can be added to the city with an environmentalist approach in terms of history, culture and tourism,
  3. To be located near the old city center and to be able to eliminate the negative impacts of the ruined area of the city,
  4. To be a project that will reduce the pressure on historical buildings and provide socio-cultural and spatial integrity with historical and cultural texture,
  5. It is a project that will enable the restoration of lost architectural richness and the transfer of these to future generations,
  6. To be kept alive as a historical identity center of Kaleardı Neighborhood which is not seen in the city as it is today, in this sense, it will enable the strengthening of its influence in the city culturally and visually,
  7. The project, together with the improvement of the area, is a project that can create positive added value on the real estates in the area of influence,
  8. To have a positive impact on the sub-sectors related to tourism and tourism, to increase employment and income in Sivas and to provide economic growth and development.

For the reasons given above, it is foreseen to make this project.